About EE Isherwood

headshot-bak2I’ve been writing for about five years. Most of my work would be described as Post-Apocalyptic, including several books in the zombie genre. However, lately, I’ve been writing straight-up PA, with one series (End Days) featuring a scientific experiment gone wrong, causing the USA to experience crippling time distortions.

My new series, Minus America, is about a terrorist attack which instantly wipes out almost every American citizen in North America. What would the world do without the USA around?

I also have a 7-book series called Sirens of the Zombie Apocalypse. What if the Spanish Flu gave immunity against the zombie plague, but as people grew older and died, the plague finally succeeded in bringing down humanity. Only those over 100 have immunity, but they die first in the wrecked world…

When I’m not writing, I ride bikes, explore nature (I’m a bird watcher), and travel with my family across America.

You can contact me via email by typing the two letters ee, then the @ symbol, followed by eeisherwood.com.