Podcast Interview on Arm N Toof’s Dead Time Podcast

I had an incredible time with two of my favorite zombie authors. Armand Rosamilia and Mark Tufo work together (or against each other, it’s hard to tell) to run the podcast and throw questions at their guests. It was my first voice interview for my books and writing, so it was something special for me to be in the same virtual studio with them. NSFW (language).



Sarah Noffke Interview


A nice interview at fellow author Sarah Noffke’s blog. I mostly talk about the writing side of my job, rather than the stories. As a new author it is difficult for me to speak with any authority, but I have spent nearly 8 months deep in the belly of the writing beast, so I do have some takeaways I share with other authors and aspiring writers.

It’s called “Play for the Win.”

Tuesday Takeover: Play for the Win by EE Isherwood

She is also giving away a signed copy of my book. If you are on Facebook, you’ll find it on Sarah Noffke’s Author Page.

Stop the Sirens Pre-Orders

stop-the-sirens-cover-800I’m pleased to announce the final numbers for the pre-order of my 3rd book was 250! That means 250 people made it through the other two books and thought enough of them to pre-order the last chapter in the trilogy. Such an honor!


I worked almost around the clock for weeks to get Stop the Sirens done, and I didn’t have a minute to spare. It’s amazing how much time it takes to edit and do all the little things of book production. Since I’m a one-man shop, I have to do it all. However, after completing the other two books, I’ve gotten a lot more adept at everything. A good thing too, as this volume is about 10k words longer than the previous two. I also spent a little time and included a sample of the continuation of the story in the next trilogy. That book will be titled Last Fight of the Valkyries. More on that soon!