Neighborhood Watch: After the EMP

New Book Release! Summer 2021.

Frank’s first day of retirement in his Florida dream home was supposed to be the best day of his life. The day he could settle down with a cool drink, some good tunes, and a tall stack of books.

The EMP gave him about five minutes of relaxation…

Suddenly, the strangers living on his quiet circle come to him for answers. 

What happened? 

When is the power coming back?

Can you find our loved ones?

There are thousands of homes within a few miles of him, all with residents asking the exact same questions.

The power could come on tomorrow, or it could stay off forever. The key to staying alive in either scenario will be organizing his closest neighbors and keeping the peace in their little pocket of civilization.

But not every neighbor wants Frank’s assistance.

And the world outside falls apart without anyone’s help.

Frank is faced with a new full-time job.



Book 1 of Neighborhood Watch: After the EMP is on a new release on Amazon.

Minus America

Minus America is my new book series, launching around July 8, 2019.

What would happen if everyone on mainland USA was wiped away by a superweapon?

This series follows several characters.

Ted: An Air Force man fighting to rescue his niece because of a promise he made to his sister. However, he is also responsible for a VIP on his plane. Vice President Emily Williams. Is she now in charge of the free world?

Tabby Breeze: A tour guide left behind by the attack. At eighteen, she’s barely an adult, but now she is responsible for three young teens. Her day begins with an industrial accident spawned by the attack on America.

Kyla Justice: She is a contract programmer on board America’s newest aircraft carrier, still in port. Terrorists have boarded as part of the larger attack, and now she must fight for her life. She is also Ted’s niece.

If you enjoy a mixture of apocalyptic exploration, a little pew-pew, and long-odds rebellion against an unseen enemy, check out the Minus America series.