Sky Dancers is available for pre-order

sky-dancers-cover-500My new series of Young Adult dystopian books are finally here. The first book, Sky Dancers, is available for .99 pre-order on Amazon. Books 2 and 3 will be releasing in early summer of 2017.

The Eternal Apocalypse Series

1 ) Sky Dancers [May 15] [PRE-ORDER]

Elle leads a typical life inside her Doomsday bunker. Eat. Sleep. School. Repeat. Until she finds a crack in the roof which lets in forbidden sunshine. She realizes much of what she’s been told about why she’s locked up underground has been a lie. At first she wants to run far away with her newfound freedom, but she’s pulled back inside when she learns that not all of the lies were false. The threat to her people is real, and it’s been with them the whole time.

2) Dazzle Ships [June 2017]

3) Heaven’s Vanguard [July 2017]


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