About Me

Hiking Philmont Scout Ranch with my son

EE Isherwood is a New York Times bestselling indie author of over 40 post-apocalyptic thrillers, including books about EMPs that destroy the power grid, a superweapon that erases every person in the USA, and an asteroid made of gold that crashes into parts of the Midwest. A product of a master’s degree in geography, his stories are strong with wanderlust, and they take readers on harrowing journeys through broken and changed lands of the apocalypse.

Despite writing about dark times, his storytelling style is known for being light-hearted and fun, while retaining the realism of post-apocalyptic societal collapse. His goal is to entertain readers, not send them into fits of depression.

He has been making up stories since the mid-1980s when he created campaigns for his friends in Dungeons and Dragons. His interests include building model tanks, reading about World War II, riding mountain bikes, hiking, long car trips with his family, and new wave music.

His full-time writing career began in 2015. Prior to that, he did a few years of satellite image analysis, he made it through two decades in the IT world, he did ten good years in military history magazine publishing, and he survived two summers in the post office (the source of everything he knows about bureaucratic inefficiencies).

EE Isherwood lives in the sod huts of Imperial, Missouri, a sleepy suburb of St. Louis, with his wife, teens, and a crazy little chiweenie dog.

He loves hearing from readers. You can contact him via email by typing the two letters ee, then the @ symbol, followed by eeisherwood.com. You can also follow him by joining his newsletter (link on left side).


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