Since the Sirens 8 Kickstarter

Finished cover for Book 8. Help put the story inside it!

The Last Siren is the epic conclusion to my Sirens of the Zombie Apocalypse series. Book 8 will pick up at the cliffhanger for book 7 (at the truck stop) and it will follow Liam, Victoria, and Grandma as they give us one last journey.

The Last Siren isn’t written, but I do have an outline. I’ve always known how the last few pages of this entire series will wrap up, so that is baked into the story arc. However, the rest of the outline might change, depending on your input. The book size might grow, as well.

How? Read on…

Why Kickstarter? The crowdfunding platform is excellent for unique scenarios such as this one. Normally, with a series that started 7 years ago, and in a genre that has cooled off, there wouldn’t be enough of an audience to justify writing a book 8. However, with Kickstarter, I can bring in my closest fans, the readers who stuck with me from the start, and get their help finishing this journey.

Why Now? I’ve wanted to write this book for years, but I always had to choose between rolling the dice and writing a book that gets lost in the noise of Amazon, or writing my other series that were selling well enough to put grub on the table for my little monsters. Now, after seeing other authors use Kickstarter to good effect, I feel comfortable attempting to have my cake while also consuming it.

How will it work? Kickstarter allows supporters of a project to pledge funds in advance of release. Put plainly, I can start writing knowing there is going to be money in the bank for this project. That said, the real benefit is to my backers, my biggest fans, the people who want to see this book as much as I do. Not only do you get assurance the book will be written, but you can choose the level of support that suits your interest. Basic support, you get the digital deliverable. Higher support, and you might also get a signed print copy. Highest support, you might get your name in the book as one of the characters.

All supporters will be eligible to give me feedback about where you think the story should go… and all supporters will give me ideas on what scenes, characters, etc. should be part of the sketches.

We’re in this together.

What are the stretch goals? Stretch goals, those goals that we reach above and beyond paying for power, food, and typewriter ribbons, will be used to enhance the artwork and broaden our horizons.

  • If we reach a bit over, I will add extra chapters to the runtime of the story. I originally envisioned three or four more books before the series ended, so there is plenty of material to make this book a big one.
  • If we get twice as much over goal, we will have enough to pay an artist (eg, Tom Rubalcava) to include sketches at the start of every chapter.
  • If we reach a huge level, I’ll write a book 9, to really hit this story out of the park.

Tom Rubalcava’s Art (to create Last Siren character sketches)

Kickstarter Launch, Sept 2023

Thank you for your interest in supporting my work!
-EE Isherwood (Aug, 2023)