Empty Cities

Empty Cities is book 2 in the Minus America series.

The survivors of the deadly attack on America climb out of their holes and try to make sense of things. The enemy of freedom begins to emerge, as well, giving our heroes one more thing to worry about.

When the cities are empty, who will fight back?

Coming August 2019.

3 thoughts on “Empty Cities

  1. Trying to leave a well deserved review of the Empty Cities. Loved both books in the series. I see a new one coming in December. I am a avid reader of apocalyptic fiction and a avid movie fan. I read to relax and get away. ALL of the characters in the book are well developed and likable. Just meeting our new enemy at the end of book two.Lots of questions are yet to be answered. If you need Beta readers I would love to throw my hat in the ring. I will post my review on Amazon asap. By the way I am in love with the new President.

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