Patreon Perks

I work from home, and the one thing missing for me is the creativity and spontaneity of group collaboration. Patreon is the place for it.

I’ve been writing post-apocalyptic disaster stories for about seven years, amassed close to 40 novels, and sold many thousands of copies on Amazon. I think I’ve done some pretty decent work. However, these are some activities I miss while working from home:

I can’t stand around the watercooler with co-workers.
I can’t visit the cubicle next to me to shoot the breeze for five minutes.
I can’t go to the boss and get advice on why I keep jamming the copier.

I hope to leverage Patreon to engage with a community of fellow-travelers who enjoy watching things fall apart in post-apocalyptic and sci-fi disaster stories, and who would be interested in sharing in the creative process of storytelling.

Perks include signed postcards, signed books, signed posters, and early releases of upcoming novels.

I hope you’ll check it out.