Stop the Sirens Pre-Orders

stop-the-sirens-cover-800I’m pleased to announce the final numbers for the pre-order of my 3rd book was 250! That means 250 people made it through the other two books and thought enough of them to pre-order the last chapter in the trilogy. Such an honor!


I worked almost around the clock for weeks to get Stop the Sirens done, and I didn’t have a minute to spare. It’s amazing how much time it takes to edit and do all the little things of book production. Since I’m a one-man shop, I have to do it all. However, after completing the other two books, I’ve gotten a lot more adept at everything. A good thing too, as this volume is about 10k words longer than the previous two. I also spent a little time and included a sample of the continuation of the story in the next trilogy. That book will be titled Last Fight of the Valkyries. More on that soon!